- Hint of - Blackberry

Blackberries are back. Not the one with a qwerty keyboard – were talking about the purple, soft, juicy, blackberry. But why stop there? We want to amaze your taste buds, so we’re pairing that sweet, tart flavour with the crisp, citrus freshness of lemon. The result? A wild sensory ride that will leave you screaming for me.

Blackberry Lemon can

- Hint of - Papaya

Mouthwatering. That’s the first word that comes to mind when we pronounce the names of these exotic fruits. C’mon say it out loud: Papaya passionfruit. It makes your tongue want to jump into a tropical lagoon and float in the lusciousness of this flavour combination.

Papaya Passionfruit can

- Hint of - Raspberry

We think there’s nothing sweeter than puppies playing in a field of flowers. Unless we’re talking about the tasty combination of raspberry + tangerine. Gather all your senses and open your third eye, because this is an experience that will transport you to undiscovered flavour planes.

Raspberry Tang can

- Hint of - Watermelon

You asked, we listened. Discover a new level of flavour that will leave your mouth buzzing with its irresistible taste. The sweetness of fresh watermelon blends beautifully with strawberry, taking your palate to places its never dreamed of.

Watermelon Strawberry can

- Hint of - Black Cherry

You know that lush, sweet flavour you get from black cherries? Combine it with refreshing natural cherry lime flavour - and enjoy a whole new level of zesty citrus heaven. Your senses are in for a treat with this delicious VIZZY hard seltzer combination.

Black Cherry Lime Can