Vizzy max pack


A special and subtle experience that whispers “drink me, I’m fabulous” to your senses when you sip on it. A remarkable combination of delicious Passionfruit and sun-kissed kiwi.

Passionfruit Kiwi  can


Vizzy Papaya Pineapple is what beach vacations probably taste like. Drink in some sun soaked sweetness that’ll have you saying “Papayassss queen.”  

Papaya Pineapple can


The bold flavour of delicious mango brushed shoulders with the subtle sweetness of Dragonfruit in the street. They looked back at one another and, umm, let’s just say the vibes were on point and electric. Vizzy Dragonfruit Mango adds some rawr to refreshment. 

Dragonfruit Mango can

White Peach

They were like: “refresh me like I’ve never been refreshed before” to which we said: “say no more.” Tart and sweet Blueberry meets juicy White Peach in what some are calling the seltzer match of the season.

Blueberry White Peach can